Addressing the housing crisis

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Poor decisions, excess regulations, and rising property taxes have resulted

in higher home costs

As a lifelong Whatcom County resident, it breaks my heart to hear about how my neighbors are being priced out of their homes and moving to Idaho, Texas, Montana, and Arizona...all for bigger homes and less taxes.

Rising housing costs is no longer just a Seattle problem. Year after year we are seeing higher rents, and higher home prices making it harder for first time home-buyers to break into the market.

Washington State ranks 7th worst in housing affordability and home-ownership. With no help or relief from Olympia, it's only going to get worse.

Not only are we ranked in the bottom 10 for affordability and home-ownership, but Washington is building far fewer homes than it needs to meet the demand for housing.

This comes down to our current leadership in Olympia and Legislature. They have rejected Republican plans that would have spurred production of more housing (SB6470) and lowered housing costs (SB6457).

As your Representative I will fight to make housing more affordable for all, so that our children and grandchildren can live in our great state!

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Our housing crisis is driven by land use and housing policies that have ultimately made it more difficult for most families and young people in our communities to be able afford housing. Citizens in Washington state deserve safer, more affordable communities.

Here are a few simple steps that would help people out immediately.

  1. Property Tax Exemptions

    • Tawsha supports SB5463 which would have exempted the first $250,000 of assessed property value from your taxes. The Democrats didn't even allow a vote that would have substantially helped homeowners in this time of economic crisis.

  2. Cut excessive fees and regulations
    • HB2049 would have encouraged the construction of affordable housing by cutting out redundancies and streamlining the process of building more homes. Tawsha will fight to eliminate these excess fees and redundancies so that housing can become more affordable and attainable. 

  3. Increase supply

    • Washington is more than 250,000 units short to meet the demand in housing. Tawsha supports building more "middle housing" that will address our housing crisis in the short-term. She will work to pass laws that will help increase the overall housing inventory of our state, driving down costs for home-buyers.

Solving the affordable housing crisis cannot be done overnight. However, adjusting our approach to the crisis should. Tawsha will fight for legislation that will increase opportunities for more affordable housing options in communities across Washington state.