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Meet Tawsha

Meet Tawsha

Tawsha Dykstra Thompson is a lifelong resident of Whatcom County. Growing up on a dairy farm south of Lynden, her parents instilled in her and her ten siblings the values of working hard, being dedicated, and having a strong sense of community. Tawsha showed that dedication by serving as a Bellingham Police officer for more than 25 years.


Throughout her career, Tawsha always stood up for those who have been silenced and in Olympia, Tawsha will bring the values her parents instilled into her while ensuring she is a voice for the people in the 42nd Legislative District.

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Bellingham Police Officer

For almost 25 years, Tawsha served as a law enforcement official in the Bellingham Police Department. She worked in a number of different roles while with the Department, including as a K9 officer, bicycle patrol, field training officer, detective, Corporal, and Sergeant.


While with the BPD, Tawsha was the Honor Guard Team commander, whose mission is to render the honors to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.


She was always there for her coworkers when they needed someone to provide them with support as the Peer Support and Wellness Coordinator. It was here that Tawsha dedicated her time to helping her fellow officers navigate the emotional stressors created by the officers' traumatic events every day.

Bellingham Police Association

Tawsha has served in the Bellingham Police Association for many years. During her time in the Association, Tawsha has served as their President and Vice President.


WACOPS Representative


Two years ago, Tawsha began serving as the Union Rep. in Olympia.


During her time in Olympia, Tawsha used her voice to advocate for law enforcement officials across the state. She spoke with Representatives about the disastrous police reform bills that they were pushing to pass. She even warned officials in Olympia that the changes made in these police reform bills would have grave consequences for Whatcom County.

Legislative Priorities

Public Safety:

Having been on the Bellingham Police force Tawsha has seen firsthand how government mandates can have grave consequences on the safety of our community. Tawsha wants to fix the mandates that the Democrats in Olympia have put into place and make it possible for our police officers to go out and protect our communities once more. Tawsha also believes that It is time that we make drugs illegal again. As a Bellingham Police Officer, Tawsha has seen what the relaxing of our drug laws does to the communities. 



The democrats in Olympia have continued to make a living in Washington not affordable. Tawsha will fight regressive taxes  and  work to help more low income and middle-class families. Tawsha believes in rolling back the long-term care tax or, at the very least, allow people to opt into the program instead of forcing them to opt-out. As inflation continues to rise, every family relies on every single dollar, and we need to stop the continued taxation that is making it harder for them to live.


Bringing Government Spending into Check:

Government spending has gotten out of control. So Tawsha wants to reduce the amount of money the government is spending to help bring money back to the hard-working families of Washington. 



Growing up on a dairy farm, Tawsha has seen the hard work that goes into running a farm. Recently farmers have been under attack by the majority in Olympia. Tawsha has a dedication to farmers and wants to bring their voices back to Olympia.

Whatcom Long Term Recovery Group

In November 2021, Whatcom County saw historic floods that have caused long-lasting effects on the community. Tawsha has worked with the Whatcom Long Term Recovery Group since leaving the Bellingham Police Department. During that time, Tawsha has seen how slow the government is working to help her community and without fast-acting government actions, residents cannot get the help that they need. Tawsha wants to work to bring their voices to life in Olympia and provide fundamental reforms and frameworks that can help those affected by natural disasters.

Family life 
Tawsha and her husband Jay have raised their daughters in Whatcom County. Tawsha’s husband is a Whatcom County Sheriff Deputy. She has one daughter that is currently in public schools in Whatcom County and a stepdaughter that is a teacher in a Public School. Tawsha’s values of hard work, dedication, and a strong sense of community have pushed Tawsha to fight and work for her community.

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