Get our kids back on track

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Our students have fallen behind with many testing below their grade level...

...and we need to get them back on track.

Our students and educators struggled during the pandemic, having to quickly adapt to change the way they learn and teach. This was not easy and unfortunately our students suffered and were left behind. A recent article in the Seattle Times says that many of our students still aren't testing at pre-pandemic levels two years later.


We need to do more to help.


One of the top responsibilities of our state government is to ensure fully-funding our schools to support our children while they return back to school post-pandemic.


There should also be more parent involvement. Tawsha knows that  transparency is crucial to ensuring trust in our education system. Parents  have a right to know what is being taught in the classroom.

As parents, educators, and community, we all need to do more to get our kids back on track.

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Here are a few simple steps that would help get our students back to where they need to be.

  1. Money should follow the backpack

    • Our teachers need more support in the classroom. Directing more funding for the classroom, not the administration, will help our kids.

  2. Provide more resources for extra tutoring
    • COVID put our students behind. It's our responsibility to get them back up to speed. We need to provide more resources for tutoring to get our students back on track.

  3. Transparency for parents

    • It is important to know what your children are learning in school. Tawsha supports bills like HB2056 which requires teachers to make syllabi and primary materials available on the school district’s website to promote transparency in our public school system.