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"Why I'm running"

"Throughout my almost 25 years in law enforcement, I was honored to be a voice for those whose voice someone tried to silence. Many people today are not feeling heard by the majority party. They do not feel the liberal progressive Democrats represent them. Many are choosing to leave rather than stay because of this. I refuse to leave because Whatcom County is my home."

- Tawsha Dykstra Thompson

Tawsha's top priorities

  • Fight the regressive taxes that put a huge burden on our middle class and low-income families, putting more money back into your wallet.

  • Fully support our police and first responders. Tawsha will bring the on-the-job experience to Olympia to better serve and protect our law enforcement and keep our communities safe.

  • Reduce government spending and waste, and provide tax breaks to those who need it most because of record high inflation.

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